N-Precision Construction Materials Testing Center, formerly Precision Testing Center Corporation, accredited by DPWH and BRS; and it was established on October 1999 by a group of Filipino entrepreneurs to answer the growing demands of Quality in materials testing industry.

N-Precision Construction Material Testing Center has a reputation as one of the leading materials testing company in the Philippines. It is one of the private testing laboratories that conducts testing on thermoplastic traffic paints, enamel, lacquer and latex paints.

During this time N-PCMTC also entered the booming construction industry in the field of Soil Investigation, Slope Stabilization (Soil Nailing and Rock Anchoring) and Slope Protection (shot creting). Our dedication to Quality Assurance, customer satisfaction, continuous research, concern for the environment, as well as its employees, enable the company to reach the status of a leading Civil Engineering Testing Laboratory.

Today, N-Precision Construction Materials Testing Center is capable of undertaking more challenging projects with its highly skilled personnel, top of the line equipment, and technical know-how.





*Sub-surface Soil Exploration/Investigation (On-shore/Off-Shore)
*Test Pitting



*Sieve-Analysis of Soil/Fine/Coarse Aggregates
*Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit & Plasticity Index of Soil
*Moisture Density Relations of Soil & Soil Aggregates Mixture
*California Bearing Ratio
*Specific Gravity of Soil
*Los Angeles Abrasion Test
*Determining Materials finer than Sieve #200 by Washing
*Moisture Content of Soil/Aggregates
*Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregates
*Soundness of Aggregates by Sodium Sulfate/Magnesium Sulfate
*Specific Gravity of Coarse/Fine Aggregates
*Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregates
*Aggregates Sampling



*Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete


*Flexural Strength of Concrete

*Drilled Cores and Sawed Beams of Concrete - Obtaining and Testing

*Rebound Hammer of Hardened Concrete

*Slump Test of Concrete Mixture

*Time of Setting of Concrete Mixture

*Unit Weight, Yield and Curing of Concrete

*Capping of Cylindrical Concrete Specimen

*Flash point of Cut-back asphalt with Tag Open Cup Apparatus

*Penetration of Bituminous Materials

*Sieve Analysis of Mineral Filler for Road and Paving Materials

*Solubility of Asphalt Materials in Trichloroethylene

*Specific Gravity of bulk compacted Bituminous Paving Mixtures using Saturated Dry Specimens

*Test for Emulsified Asphalts

*Test for Cut-back Asphaltic products

*Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement

*Finess of Hydraulic Cement by Sieve #100 & #200

*Normal Consistency of Hydraulic Cement

*Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement

Autoclave Expansion



A. Reflectorized(White & Yellow) and Aluminum Traffic Paints/Red Lead/Flat Wall and Quick Drying Enamel

*Specific Gravity

*Drying Time

*Grading of Beads

*Determination of % Pigment

*Determination of % Non-Volatile

*Determination of % Titanium Dioxide

*Determination of % Lead Chromate

B. Thermoplastic Traffic Paint

*Glass Bead Content


*Impact Resistance

*Specific Gravity

*Reflectance, Color & Yellowness Index

*Low Temperature Stress Resistance

*Titanium Dioxide Determination



*Tensile Strength of Metallic Material
*Bending of Metallic Material
*Weight if Coating on Zinc-Coated Iron or Steel Articles



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